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OmniBroker Technology Seminar


Last Thursday 29th September, we were delighted to welcome to the Berkley Court Dublin over 150 Financial Brokers to our technology seminar. We believe it was the largest Financial Broker technology seminar ever staged in Ireland and we would like to thank our partners Irish Life and Aviva for their participation in what was a fantastic day. After many months of planning and developing we launched our new and significantly improved upgrade to OmniBroker Advance which we have re-branded OmniBrokerPlus. This brand new product brings the OmniBroker data service to a whole new level. Our main focuses in designing the functionality behind the product were three fold.

· Communication
· Compliance
· Administration

The main reason that clients leave their brokers is due simply to lack of communication from the broker, 87% of the time in fact. This is a very interesting statistic. The new OmniBrokerPlus service aims to solve this problem with automated email communication from the broker to the client. OmniBroker can now send emails branded with the brokers logo etc on a regular basis with fund values and protection benefits included. Once the emails are scheduled the broker needs no further part. We look after the rest!

Client Portal
To aid in the communication cycle and to facilitate the enrichment of a brokers web offering, we also launched a brand new service, the Client Portal. This gives the broker the facility on their website to allow the client to login in a secure environment and view their policy information. No longer does the client need several access codes to various websites, they now only need one . A by product of the Client Portal is the enhanced search engine optimisation that this facility brings. In simple terms search engines score websites by the amount of visitors they receive so the more visitors to a site the higher the score the site will receive.

In association with PIBA there is now a compliance checklist in OmniBrokerPlus. This checklist is a tick off facility that will enable the broker to track the status of each compliance event in a very simple fashion. When the compliance has been completed for an event the checklist can be printed and the hardcopy attached to the file. Equally a softcopy can be attached to the digital file. We also introduced a Task management and reminder facility that will keep track of every future client event from phone calls to meetings. OmniBroker will even email you with your upcoming reminders. It really couldn’t be easier to stay on top of your to do’s.

There is no Financial Broker who would like to spend less time on administration and at its core this is what OmniBrokerPlus helps the broker achieve. There is now a new alteration report in the system that allows a broker to create a clear simple instruction that highlights a change to be made to a clients or policy detail. Fact Finding is also a major time consumer for the Financial Broker and now with our groundbreaking email fact find facility the broker can now email a fact find to a client. The client in turn fills out the fact find on screen and when completed the document is send to OmniBroker and the Broker receives an alert.

Irish Life and Aviva both spoke about calculators that they can provide to enable the broker to provide a more interactive website. The average web user now demands a good experience when online and the first impression a broker makes is usually online and let’s not forget the old adage “ you never get second chance to make a first impression”. Lastly we would like to thank all attendees for their participation and for making the day a fantastic success.

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