BrokerInformation Services

Web Services

How many Financial Brokers spend significant amounts of money developing their own Web sites only to struggle with content and the sites inability to deliver to either visitors to the site or to the broker. We have 2 unique offerings which will not only help to solve this problem but will also drive traffic and help produce new business for the broker.


Based on the services from Best Advice and AdviserPlus, WebQuote will install a fully functional Comparative Term Quote facility on the Financial Broker web site. It will produce the lowest quote in the market without identifying the Insurer and will relay the key captured information back to the broker through its back office functionality for follow up purposes. The key benefits here are firstly the enriching of the brokers web offering coupled with the creation of significant sales opportunities both to existing and potential new clients.

Client Portal

The advent of our OmniBroker service created a major advance in the efficiencies around the ability of the Financial Broker to deliver portfolio and policy information to the client. No longer is it necessary for the broker to spend time wasting hours visiting several sites to capture the required information and then to create the client report. OmniBroker has solved this in a stroke. Now we can advance these 3 steps further with the introduction of the Client Portal.

Client Portal is a fantastic solution for the Financial Broker who would like to offer a superior service to chosen clients. Within the Portal, clients can access their policy information on the broker website within a secure area 24 hours a day.

The Portal makes communication to clients easy, effective and secure. When a client thinks about their investment or policy why should they go elsewhere to access this information. Client Portal gives the broker a great opportunity to reaffirm their brand and their great service offering each time the client logs on. The broker can also choose which clients can access the system.