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Partnership Services

Through the power of our Comparative Quote and Data Delivery platforms we provide a range of added value services to our Institutional partners. Our experience in handling complex databases coupled with our knowledge of the insurance industry helps to make us the largest bespoke provider of software to institutional clients in Ireland. Some of our solutions are detailed below:

  • QuoteBank – This service which is availed of by most of the key Life Insurers allows the user to monitor rates and trends in the market so that they can measure their competitiveness under various key characteristics.
  • Partnership Marketing - We conduct a range of marketing campaigns within OmniBroker in partnership with Product Producers which makes the process for a Financial Broker to communicate with specific clients simply and easily. For the broker the process is extremely simple while the advantage for the Product Producer is that the entire client bank of the broker can be targeted with the chosen campaign. An extremely valuable reporting facility is included with each campaign.
  • Reporting – Keeping our key partners informed is a most important focus of ours. On a monthly basis we provide valuable reporting statistics to each partner on the growth of our users, the services they most use and the extent to which the data provided is consumed. We have plans in conjunction with the industry to extend the scope and extent of this capability over the coming months.